Breeder Pen Services

Properly managing a deer breeding operation is a demanding, high maintenance, year-round investment which requires dedication, hard work, and a knowledgeable staff. The management and success of your operation is highly dependent upon several factors which are often overlooked. Some of these vital factors include the proper selection of your foundation breeding stock, pen and facility design, and a viable herd health plan. RAX consultants understand that each breeding operation has a specific and unique budget and goal, therefore management and annual breeding plans should be individualized for every client’s needs. Whether you are just starting up your operation or are looking for a comprehensive consulting service, RAX Wildlife Consulting offers a wide array of breeder pen services.

  • Weaning
  • Nutrition Recommendations
  • Herd Evaluation/Maintenance
  • Training Pen Managers
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Vaccination programs
  • Pen/Facility Design
  • Annual Breeding Plans
  • Antler Cutting
  • Darting/Transportation

Foundation Breeder Stock Selection


Typical or Non-Typical?  Wide, or Drop tines? What kind of traits do you want to breed for? Is your goal to improve the genetics on your preserve, or to participate in the breeder market? These are some of many questions which should be considered before you purchase your foundation breeder stock. Early mistakes can be costly and hard to overcome.

Other issues of concern regarding deer breeding throughout the state of Florida include the reality of the sub-tropical climate, insects and diseases, and ultimately survivability. It is simple business logic: every investor wants to protect and ensure the growth of his or her investment. In breeder terms, every owner wants the most hardy, disease resistant herd available. Don’t make the mistake and sacrifice disease resistance and environmental tolerance for immediate “store bought” results.

breeder-pen2Pen and Facility Design

Reducing the amount of stress on the deer in your pens may significantly improve the survivability and productivity of your breeder stock. The RAX staff understands the negative effects of stress on deer and aims to minimize these factors through appropriate pen design, techniques of working around deer, and proper facility design to maximize efficiency. We are dedicated to the most ethical treatment of your herd and aim to minimize stress through means that are within your budget and management plan.

Client/Consultant Relations

The relationships we build with our clients are of great importance to us at RAX Wildlife. Our consultants are dedicated to developing personal relationships with owners and managers to promote education, training, and an overall more efficient operating environment. We believe continuous communication is vital to maintaining a healthy client relationship.